I’ve Begun (The White Album)….

I’ve begun the White Album. The other day at work, I’d gone through everything and came to the end of Sgt. Peppers, which was as far as I’d listened, and then put on Magical Mystery Tour (wow) and then right on into The White Album, which Paul tells me is actually just called “The Beatles”.

What a piece of work.

Paul told me to treat it as two albums. Then, later he told me the same thing. I told him I’d prefer to think of it as every color of music, afraid to employ the dual-album theory lest it not click with me right away.

Of course afterward, I thanked him for all of the invaluable guidance he’s provided me with throughout this journey. This journey, which, on hearing The White Album, has revealed its purpose and beauty and assured me that it is a journey that doesn’t have to end.

The way Blackbird nestles itself right in the middle there…

Can’t do much of anything other than express my awe at this expansive canvas and the sounds that fill it.


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