Have You Heard?

Recently, I found myself away from The Beatles as a result of my attendance of a music festival and the resulting swell of newer music that accompanies such a thing.

The other day, as I listened to Beatles For Sale, I felt like I was being welcomed back by old friends. “Welcome back, Sam,” they said. “Let’s rock!” And we did.

A little while ago, when I had neck pain for four or five days straight, I shook my head and chuckled at my friends, these rascal band mates of mine that had my neck supporting my bobbing head for most of the day, most days.

And as friends do, they had something to offer even when not fueling my dance. Saddled with a heating pad, I pulled myself out of the usual head bob/eye blink/lip sync I do to the The Beatles and had time to hear the lyrics and think about what they were saying. And then the dancing moved to my brain.

And the boys had me laughing and rolling again.


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