Mike Cannon

Mike’s the best damn sports guy we could get. He lives in Connecticut and fuckin loves sports. Follow him on Twitter @mcann333

Dan Greco

Dan is a hypochondriac with a phobia of giant corporations. This may sound bad, but it’s exactly what we’re looking for on Don’t Get LAzy. Dan lives in Westchester with his football and his X-Box. Follow him on Twitter @DVGreco.

Sam Mantell

Sam comes to us from the minimally renowned blog Hey! Do You Like Apples? His true value lies in his ability to say nothing of substance most of the time. There’s a good chance that everything he writes is a total lie. Follow him on Twitter @SLMantell

PJ Negri

PJ fudges numbers at a major media corporation. Don’t worry, it hasn’t affected you. It hasn’t even affected the corporation. That’s how good HE is. Follow him on Twitter @PJNegri.

Andrew Overton

If Andrew could pull himself away from his iPhone, he might be able to engage you in some useful conversation. But then, our readership would fall. So please, leave him be. Simply follow him on Twitter @AROverton.

Paul Zurheide

Hails from Long Island, NY, but is currently chasing the American dream in Los Angeles, CA. According to Facebook he enjoys slow-motion battle sequences set to orchestrated music, and gets outrageously angry at bad commercials. Follow him on Twitter @PaulZurheide


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