I Am Afraid to Blog About The Beatles

So, I’ve been listening to The Beatles of late. It’s not that I hadn’t heard them before, but no, I hadn’t really sat down and listened to them before. As with most of the music I feel that I am about to embark on, I got a good amount of encouragement from those whose opinion on music I trust.

Of course, it’s been more incredible than I guess I was really hoping for, if not a bit muddled by a desire to blog about it all, having at one point convinced myself that writing about something always brings me closer to it.  I keep thinking of how I can put it all in such a profound sense that you’ll all get it like I’m getting it. But the further I get, the harder it will be to catch up. Something new happens every day when I listen to The Beatles.

I am afraid to blog about The Beatles because I am but a young pup, and I am likely to make some incorrect assumptions about this band, which so many other people love way more than me. I can never truly relate to the cultural phenomenon of The Beatles because I wasn’t actually there.  I never like to enter an arena when I am at a knowledge disadvantage. However, I think this will be fun, and hopefully some of you understand the things I’m thinking and feeling about The Beatles as I go on. Please, show me the way.

Thus far, I’ve listened to every album up to Revolver. There was a lot of hype, from multiple sources, surrounding this album. I almost missed Rubber Soul because of it. Luckily, Rubber Soul and Nowhere Man told me to relax. Just in time, too. Beatles for Sale was my first favorite though, and really, while I can appreciate Revolver for what it is and I had my own deal with it, Beatles for Sale is the album I can have the most fun with.

In an effort to cut it short, I’m going to cut it short. Until next time!


One response to “I Am Afraid to Blog About The Beatles

  1. Very cool. The Beatles rock! And hey, it’s more about personal fulfillment than competing over knowledge. What’s important is that you’re enjoying their timeless tunes.

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