What are the Jets doing?

From reading my past posts, you can tell that I am a diehard Jets fan. I’ve liked them all my life and have dealt with the good times and the bad; mostly bad. This recent move to acquire Tim Tebow is a joke. I can’t take it anymore. It’s a joke. Forget this being a blog post. This is a rant. WTF are they doing? I haven’t gotten one clear answer yet.

As if this past year couldn’t get worse as a fan. The Giants win the Superbowl, the Patriots win the AFC. The Jets collapse and finish 8-8. Sanchez regressed. The locker-room turned out to be a complete mess. Now this.

If the Jets want to sit there and say this move isn’t at all about ticket and jersey sales, they are straight up lying. Mike Tannenbaum (Jets GM) has sounded embarrassing trying to explain this move over the last few days on talk radio. The Jets are notorious for picking up big names. Owner Woody Johnson loves famous guys coming in. He feeds off attention for this team. The signing of Brett Favre in 2008 under Mangini, the fact they traded up draft picks to get Sanchez, bringing a loudmouth coach in, signing well known guys like Burress, Tomlinson, Jason Taylor, Holmes. It never ends.

Have you ever seen a team acquiring a back up QB get this much buzz? Never. The move just doesn’t make sense in a couple different ways. The first is the status with Sanchez. This is a slap in the face towards him. He just signed a 3 year  contract to be “the guy” of this franchise. Now they basically explain getting Tebow to “mix up the offense.” (aka, we have no confidence in our current QB so we are going to try something else as well). This isn’t about Sanchez sucking, Tebow sucks too! It’s about harming Sanchez’s chances of developing/improving. Say what you want about him, but Sanchez has won FOUR ROAD playoff games in three years. Four. And he played well in those guys. That was an NFL record up until this year. They can still win despite mediocre play by him. And he is 24. He will probably never be a star, but I still won’t give up on him yet. People should go back and read some of the things that were said about Eli Manning at a young age.

Getting Tebow will turn the Jets into a media circus. You know, you KNOW, after one bad pass from Sanchez, people will start chanting Tebow’s name. It’s just a distraction and it’s unnecessary. This team just went through a lot of internal problems and insecurity issues, especially on the offensive end, now they’re making it worse.

I’m not even sure how Tebow helps this offense either. Tannenbaum keeps suggesting it’s Sanchez’s offense and that he’s the QB. And that he misses Brad Smith from 2 years ago. Okay, fine. So how many snaps do they plan on playing Tebow then? There’s no way in hell they just paid him all this money and then planned on him getting 3 snaps a game. No way. And if that’s somehow true, that’s even worse. Brad Smith wasn’t a freakin QB either. He was in college. Big deal. Tebow was a starting NFL QB that won a playoff game last year. Their roles are different. Brad Smith also didn’t run that many plays with the wildcat! Tebow also didn’t run a wildcat in Denver. It was an option offense. They are completely different. Finally, the wildcat hasn’t even been an effective offense in the NFL for 2-3 years. Teams are figuring it out. Not to mention, a QB isn’t the guy who takes the snaps in it.

The best part is, I didn’t even mention that the Jets tacked on an extra 2.5 million to pay for this guy after they prematurely tweeted the trade without reading the contract clauses. That was the icing on the cake. The Jets were almost given a gift and way out of this, to revoke this trade, but no, they decided to pay even more. Will the Jets make tons of $ based off of this because of attention/sales? Sure. But I doubt the team will see much of that profit.

I hate this trade top to bottom. It’s a distraction, it’s unnecessary, and it isn’t even a good move from a financial or football standpoint. Absolutely awful. The Giants front office is probably laughing at this saying, “these guys want to get on our level?!” A move like this will define Mike Tannenbaum’s, Rex’s and Woody’s career. People will never forget this. He took a big gamble here. It better pay off.


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