What’s With All This Pinsanity? (ba da ba PSH!)

by Ava Corrado

“Excuse me, who did you pin?” This was my first reaction when my older sister uttered the phrase, “Yeah, I totally pinned that.” Assuming the word “pin” was a new slang term she heard on “Jersey Shore” this week, I shot back, “That’s no way to talk you sleaze.”

“No. I pinned this coffee table.”

“Wait WHAT?! On a coffee table? Okay give me deets.” I soon discovered that the details concerning “pinning” were for a social media website called Pinterest, which is used to share and repost items you find on the internet. Okay, not as raunchy as I first thought, but I was convinced enough to check it out. Only then was I informed that I had to get a personal invite from a current member. So this shit’s exclusive; cool I’m totally down for that.

As I eagerly awaited my Evite, I couldn’t help but ask my internet guru pal (who, I should state, is a guy) about his opinion of the site. “Do you think I wanna look at pictures of Ryan Gosling and babies all day?” he said. Well that didn’t sound so bad to me, but then he informed me that it was a total “chick” site, like a never ending episode of Martha Stewart. Okay, okay, now I was intrigued. A website appealing to girls that guys hate? Could it be our own She-Woman, Men Haters Club? This was sounding far too good to be true. I had to check it out for myself because apparently I was behind on the times.

I got the exclusive invite and signed up right away. To tell you the truth, off the bat, I too was completely overwhelmed with the amount of pictures of Ryan Gosling (I never thought this day would come). Cupcakes, bookshelves, knitting, fluffy pillows, garland, and glitter, glitter, glitter. Now don’t get me wrong, I love fluffy things and glitter I have a giant fluffy heart in my bedroom right now but the amount of girly, flowery, and once again fluffy items consuming this website is outrageous. Come on girls, we don’t ONLY think about rainbows and lollipops… Well, not all of the time at least. At that moment, I rendered this site completely useless, unless I was looking for a good ‘ol DIY project (for those DIY virgins out there, this means DO IT YOURSELF).

Despite my decision, I just couldn’t let it go. There was something about that fancy “P” that just drew me in. Honestly, the site has an incredible interface and is so simple to use. In reality, Pintrest had just been getting a lot of heat from the opposite sex. As I dove deeper and deeper into the pinning world I started to notice a common trend. You’re either a “pinner” or a “re-pinner” and the more common of the two were the “re-pinners.” They’re the culprits. And guess what? They’re all mostly middle aged housewives and Ex Nsync fanatics who are now in their mid twenties. Ah see, that explains all the pictures of Ry Ry.

So, what are we to do about all of the womanly and overly pink content which apparently drives men away from pinning? It’s a rather simple solution…

AH HEM, gentlemen.  Create your own content. So the geek page isn’t as geeky as you’d like? Download that oh so convenient “PIN IT” button to your bookmarks and go for the gold. You can search your very favorite sites and collect the best of their best.  Soon Pinterest will have the ultimate collection of Princess Leia nudy cartoons, offers for trips to the future and the latest Ipod apps. Ah clearly the glitter is more my thing, which is why, guys and dudes all around, it’s now more important than ever for you to take a stand. Pinterest is a fantastic way to share each other’s media and the true meaning is just getting lost behind all of the silk flower arrangements and needlepoint projects. All I’m saying boys is stop complaining and show us what you got. Alright? We soon can move out of the dark ages and into a time where men and women can share their content on a gender equal site. Not to mention, my internet persona has blown up since becoming a pinster. I pin it, which sends to my Twitter, which sends to my Facebook, and BOOM my Klout score just went up 10 points. Don’t get left behind guys, join the force.


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