Remember VINsanity?

People seem to forget that before Linsanity, the original name came from high flying Vince Carter. The man, who I consider to be the best dunker of all-time. In honor of the Slam Dunk Contest coming up this weekend, let’s go back in history and remember some awesomeness.

A few weeks back I was up late watching the Dallas Mavericks play. An old full-bearded Vince Carter took the screen. I watched the first few minutes and I see a play where Carter makes a great drive to the hoop after beating his man. He goes in aggressive to the rim and eventually laid it in for a score. I remember thinking to myself at the time, “man, 10 years ago that would’ve been a highlight dunk on SportsCenter.” Times have changed. Here is Vince Carter at his best.

Vince Carter, in my opinion, is responsible for the best in-game dunk of all time, the best slam dunk contestant of all time, and the best MISSED dunk ever.

You probably were asking yourself WTF I meant by best missed dunk ever. Well, here it is. The fact that it is STILL remembered to this day shows how insane it would have been. Duke-UNC. If this dunk went down Chapel Hill might have exploded. Crowd reaction says it all.

The next highlight is Vince in the slam dunk contest. It is voted by the majority of people as the best contest ever. If it weren’t for Kenny Smith being difficult and giving the only 9 on one, and him securing the victory with a safe dunk, it seemed like he could get a perfect 50 every time if he wanted. He amazed everyone, especially by introducing new dunks never seen before.

Lastly, this is the best in-game dunk ever. It’s unbelievable. He literally jumps over Frederic Weis who was 7’2! That’s jumping over someone that is taller than Shaq. Just amazing. No words.


2 responses to “Remember VINsanity?

  1. Honestly, that Olympic dunk always leaves me speechless. I can’t comprehend jumping over someone who is 7’2!!!

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