Happy Valentine’s Day, Google!

This morning, I was only reminded that it was Valentine’s Day because I awoke to a text from my dear sweet mother. My next thought of course was to wish Google a happy Valentine’s Day. You will be pleased to know that Google didn’t thank me and return the sentiments, thereby confirming my suspicion that it is NOT human.

Much to my dismay, however, Google also failed to deliver anything Google Giggle-worthy, not that there’s much of a standard for that. So, desperate for affection, I decided to ask Google why it hadn’t wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day in return. I began “Why…” and, sure enough, right there after “Why is the sky blue?” and just above “Why do cats purr?” sat the suggestion “Why did Whitney Houston die?

That could have sufficed, but I went further, typing: “Why don’t you wish me a happy Valentine’s Day in return?” Thankfully, Google consoled me the best it could, and brought me to the ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day site. Enjoy!


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