Giants’ Most Important Play of the Year

Could the Giants most important play of the season have come against my own team on Christmas Eve?

There have been plenty of key plays and drives this year for the Giants that it’s hard to narrow it down to one, and there are some unbelievable playoff plays, but it’s possible none of them wouldn’t have even happened if it weren’t for Victor Cruz’s 99 yard touch down against the Jets that got things going.

Here was the scenario: I know it’s hard to remember now, but after the Washington loss and the start of the Jets game, the Giants morale had to have been pretty low or at least worrisome. There were talks of Coughlin being fired, they were close to blowing to the division to the Cowboys, and they were trailing against the Jets while struggling pretty badly on offense. The Giants were down 7-3 and it was very late in the first half. It was 3rd and 10. A punt very easily could have set up a FG for NYJ who already would’ve gotten it to start the 2nd half as well. They were on their own 1 yard line! They needed some spark, something that would finally get this offense going. They got it.

Cruz breaks free, the Giants didn’t look back from the lead, the beat their crosstown rival, shut up Rex, got their hopes and confidence up, and haven’t lost since for the rest of the year. Most important play of the year for them? It’s possible. Thoughts?


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