Google Giggles Gets The Last Laugh

part one:

I typed in Google Giggles to Google. Interestingly enough, I couldn’t find us anywhere near the top. Not only did Google suggest that I meant “Google Goggles,” but they, in fact, only showed me results for “Google Goggles”.  It was ONLY Google Goggles. I feel like they should have only given me those results if I clicked on the “did you mean: Google Goggles” button. Maybe they were confused. For fun, I typed in Giggle Goggles, an equally catchy, and less relevant, alliterative phrase. And sure enough, there’s a PRODUCT FOR SALE called Giggle Goggles. How smart. Oh Google, you are hilarious sometimes.

part two:

When I inspected the page again, double checking my facts, I realized that it said“Show results instead for Google Giggles”, underneath the more prominent “Showing results for Google Goggles.”  I clicked the results for Google Giggles and I see that what I’ve done is of no avail, for there is another wordpress blog called Just Google It who has already coined the term Google Giggles. Congratulations. Google Giggles got the last laugh.


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