Google announces GoogleTime

by Sam Mantell

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“We here at Google are pleased to ring in the New Year of 2012 with our latest convenience, GoogleTime! Now, you can take your time with you. GoogleTime syncs easily across all platforms and mobile devices so you can stay in the loop

      ·         Use it as a tool – GoogleTime is more than a simple scheduling mechanism; it’s a tool. If you need more time in a day, our Expansion Pack can help you. Time will perform a comprehensive analyzation of how your day is spent. Based on data gathered over time, Time will make suggestions about how to distribute your time more evenly between the various tasks a day holds.

      ·         Forget your memory -With GoogleTime, you can process more information. With our Memory Catcher, you don’t have to worry about processing information as it comes to you. The memory catcher compiles all of your sensory input and stores it on a card, which you can dump at the end of the night, before bed. Ever feel like you’re wasting your time with dreams? The memory catcher downloads your dreams and converts them to an .mov. They’re ready for you to watch on your iPad over coffee in the morning.

      ·         Filter out the bad stuff– With our customizable filters, you can decide which of the effects of time you’d like to sidestep, and which ones you want to take advantage of. Parents, speed up the realization that your kids are just like you were at their age. Kids, skip emo !

Most importantly, with GoogleTime, you can keep track of what time it is no matter the time of day. Never miss a second. We think you’ll find this product extremely useful. You can delete any information you’re not comfortable with having on GoogleTime. If you change your mind, just retrieve it from the Cloud.

We like GoogleTime because as you become more familiar with, the less control you’ll need to have over it. Eventually you’ll have to use little-to-no brain power to get through the day. Let us know what you think!”

GoogleTime is not a real thing. Don’t freak out. But, you know, be on the lookout.


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